Provides specific necessities and holiday gifts to approximately 2000 needy local children and seniors yearly. On Christmas Eve we deliver gifts to over 100 families residing in the Dixie Manor Public Housing community in Boca Raton. Santa and his elves go from house to house delivering the gifts that the children asked for along with a full Christmas dinner.


Provides basic necessities including clothing, diapers, school uniforms, shoes, socks, underwear and more to families and children in need. With a concentration on “Rapid Response” support, we are able to contribute to the dignity and general well being of families in dire circumstances.

We engage with local agencies, schools and other community organizations to identify specific individual needs of children, families and seniors in our community who would benefit from The Giving Tree resources.




We provide new school clothing and supplies to children whose parents are working hard to get off public assistance. These children are in the same schools as more affluent kids and only want to fit in. A new school uniform on the first day of school sets them off on the right track.

We also supply gently used clothing, shoes and baby accessories to families whose only means of getting their children these basis necessities is through the generous donation of people in our community. 

Dear Temple Beth El,


I never thought I would ever see my mother smile again from the heart. I have watched her since her injury and I have seen her cry and smile, but the smiles were more to console us so that we wouldn't worry about her visible injuries, our challenges, and the loss of feeling safe and secure.


The money, gift cards, Wii game console, and all of the beautiful gifts brought tears of joy to our family. The smiles and laughs that I saw on my mother's face were truly from the heart and soul. Because of your generosity we were able to help other children from our church that were not going to receive any gifts. We were able to share our bountiful blessings and give them a special Christmas. We had the best Christmas ever, and Temple Beth El made it possible for us to bless other children.


Our grandmother always told us to have faith, and know that the challenges we are faced with are only temporary. That they were put in our life so we would come through stronger and more prepared for life. I now believe her, and know that she is smiling down on us from heaven saying "I told you so my children". The Tan studded back pack was my personal favorite gift along with the numerous school supplies. I took the pencil sharpener (smile). The gift cards made it possible for me to purchase  a laptop computer and printer for school, which is why I was able to type you this letter.


Thank you again for making our family, your special family for the Christmas Season. May God bless all of you who made so many dreams come true and wishes fulfilled.  


~ Julisa


God Bless You! Thank you for the the uniform. I love you!

The Giving Tree is 100% Volunteer Based with Zero Administrative Costs

Dear Suzanne Broad: The Giving Tree of Temple Beth El,


On behalf of myself and family, we want to say thank you. With what we've received from your hearts, I can truly say this is the first time our little apartment feels like a home. Due to my job, my children were lacking many things, but now they're overjoyed. Again, thank you! Don't ever change your hearts. Just when I thought I couldn't see through the darkness, you all gave me and my family light.


~ The Walls Family

Dear The Giving Tree of Temple Beth El,


Thank you for your donations! It is through the support of individuals, corporate representatives, and non-profit organizations like you that we are able to continue to strengthen our Family Self Sufficiency Program and develop new innovative projects to serve our community.


~ Deltha Hofmeister and FSS - Boca Raton Housing Authority



We provide holiday cheer to children and seniors. Many are asking for the most basic necessities as holiday gifts. Items like new socks and underwear, toilet paper and deodorant, school supplies and shoes frequently appear on a child’s wish list. We fill those needs and more with age appropriate toys for kids and a little something special for the seniors as well.


We provided gas money to the Grandparent of a burn victim so that he could afford the one hundred mile round trip drive to the hospital to visit his Grandson who is in his care. In typical “Giving Tree” fashion, we also donated extra funding for food and gifts.

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